Clearing your Crystals

Clearing your Crystals

Do crystals need to be cleansed? Do crystals need to be charged? How do I cleanse and charge my crystals? This post will help answer these questions!

Crystals can benefit from being cleansed and charged. Crystals pickup energy from their environment and from others. People can give a crystal a purpose or intention too. Cleansing a crystal removes all these things. When a crystal is cleansed, it is reset back to its natural way.

Charging a crystal is simpler to understand. Crystals give off energy and they can also store energy to give off layer. Charging a crystal fills the crystal with energy until it is full. This is kind of like a battery, except that a crystal never fully runs out of energy. A charged crystal will feel stronger and have greater effects.

There are many ways to cleanse and charge crystals. All crystals bought from Earth Crystals and Art will have already been charged and cleansed for you. But it is worth charging crystals every so often as you use them. Usually, a crystal does not need to be cleansed more than once unless you feel it has picked up negative energy you want to get rid of.

Crystals are commonly cleansed by letting the sun or moon shine on it for a few hours, running it under water for a few minutes, burying it in dirt or in brown rice overnight. Sage smoke or smudging sage on a crystal can also cleanse it. Some crystals can also cleanse other crystals, such as kyanite and selenite. As little as a few minutes can cleanse a crystal placed on kyanite or selenite but leaving them cleansing overnight is better. Please take care not to leave colorful crystals in the sun as their color may fade, or to put selenite in water as it will degrade.

Crystals are commonly charged in much the same way as cleansing it. The sun and moon will charge a crystal, as will placing it on top of selenite.

After you have finished cleansing a crystal, it is good to set its purpose for you again. This can be done by placing it between your palms, clearing your mind, and focusing on telling it what you want it to do for you a few times. After you charge a crystal, nothing more needs to be done.

Enjoy the positive and powerful energy of your cleansed and charged crystals!


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